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Home Décor Items:  Wine & bourbon barrel head platters & bread boards (stationary & lazy Susan’s), wine stave platters, wine stave sentiment boards, wine stave coat & pot hooks, wine stave tea lights, wine stave chalk boards, wine stave bottle holders, wine glass/bottle holder, wine barrel hoop wall sconces & tea lights and small pieces of furniture such as side tables etc.

BBQ Wine & Liquor Barrel Smoke Chunks and Chips:  Made from reclaimed Wine, Bourbon, Rum & Tequila barrels


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Wine Barrel Barbecue Wood

Rob Maclean

It’s time to cook with wine andwood – both at the same time  Wine barrel barbecue wood is made from chipped or chunked wine barrel staves.  It doesn’t take Steven Raichlen to figure out that wine barrel barbecue wood is going to lead to some nice wine-infused flavors on your grill.  (Click here btw for how to use wood chips on a gas grill)

Cool idea, no?  We’ve put together some info on wine, wine barrels and wine barrel barbecue wood so you can look like the cool guy the next time your grill.

We’ll start simple.  Wine barrels are made from oak, which means your barbecue wood is going to be made from oak.  Oak is one of the most versatile and popular smoking woods and and lends a nice, um oaky flavor to your barbecue.

Two years on the left, six years on the right

Now lets talk about oak.  Oak contains compounds called phenols (fee-nawls) which produce vanilla or tea flavors in your wine, and in this case, maybe in your barbecue.  And did you know that wine aged or matured in oak will take on a different color?  Check out this picture of a fine spanish Rioja aged for two years and six years respectively.  There are a lot of other cool facts about oak wine barrels that can be found here.