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Home Décor Items:  Wine & bourbon barrel head platters & bread boards (stationary & lazy Susan’s), wine stave platters, wine stave sentiment boards, wine stave coat & pot hooks, wine stave tea lights, wine stave chalk boards, wine stave bottle holders, wine glass/bottle holder, wine barrel hoop wall sconces & tea lights and small pieces of furniture such as side tables etc.

BBQ Wine & Liquor Barrel Smoke Chunks and Chips:  Made from reclaimed Wine, Bourbon, Rum & Tequila barrels


Natural Wood Flavored Smoke

For those who prefer natural wood flavors for their barbecue, MacLean's offers three alternate wood flavored smokes.  

APPLE is SWEET and FRUITY and best suited for Fish, Pork and Poultry.  

HICKORY offers a RICH, SWEET flavor and is famous for imparting great taste to Beef, Ribs and Chops.  

MESQUITE offers a BIG, BOLD flavor and is an ideal complement for Poultry, Fish and Vegetables

All will add a new dimension to your grilling that will delight your family and guests.  Experience the difference with Maclean's natural wood flavor chips and chunks - just soak, smoke and enjoy.