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143 Cushman Rd
St. Catharines, L2M 6T2


Home Décor Items:  Wine & bourbon barrel head platters & bread boards (stationary & lazy Susan’s), wine stave platters, wine stave sentiment boards, wine stave coat & pot hooks, wine stave tea lights, wine stave chalk boards, wine stave bottle holders, wine glass/bottle holder, wine barrel hoop wall sconces & tea lights and small pieces of furniture such as side tables etc.

BBQ Wine & Liquor Barrel Smoke Chunks and Chips:  Made from reclaimed Wine, Bourbon, Rum & Tequila barrels


Authentic barrel creations made from reclaimed oak barrels wine and bourbon.  Pictures of wine barrel tea lights, tables, side tables, furniture, wine stave bottle holders, wine barrel head platters, cheese boards, bread boards, bourbon barrel head platters, wine stave chalk boards, wine stave sentiment and saying boards, sayings; age gets better with wine, good friends good wine good times, laugh lots & love lots, dream big, stave platters, full stave platters, half stave platters, single stave platters, wine stave glass holder, wine stave wine bottle holder and hanger, coat hooks,