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Home Décor Items:  Wine & bourbon barrel head platters & bread boards (stationary & lazy Susan’s), wine stave platters, wine stave sentiment boards, wine stave coat & pot hooks, wine stave tea lights, wine stave chalk boards, wine stave bottle holders, wine glass/bottle holder, wine barrel hoop wall sconces & tea lights and small pieces of furniture such as side tables etc.

BBQ Wine & Liquor Barrel Smoke Chunks and Chips:  Made from reclaimed Wine, Bourbon, Rum & Tequila barrels


One-shot Sachets


Perhaps you would like to try a different flavor of MacLean's smoking chips but don't want to invest in a full size 175 Cu. In. Bag?  Why not try our one of our 38 Cu. In. (1/4 pound) single use packages - the perfect size for a single grilling.  Or, if you feel like experimenting with a number of flavors, try out the full range - it's an economical way to discover your favourite smoke.