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How a passion for grilling ignited into a full range of smoking products to bring exciting restaurant style flavor to your Home BBQ.

Our Story

MacLean’s Outdoor was founded by Rob MacLean in 2012. 


Rob, owner, sitting on a row on liquor barrels giving a thumbs up

It all began when Rob was experimenting in his home workshop, fashioning some furniture using old wine barrel staves.  As he worked with the wood, he realized it was emitting all the flavor of its original contents – a delicious aroma filled the room. Grilling had been his passion for many years and his creativity as a life-long innovator leapt into high gear – what would happen if you cut the stave into chunks and used it for wood on a barbecue?  The results were amazing – first, he realized he could smell the liquor flavor in the smoke and, sure enough, it infused a delicious taste into the meat. Never one to let a good idea lie fallow, he decided to test the market and see if his discovery had any potential.  Living in Niagara’s wine country, there was a ready supply of raw materials at hand, and he started by using retired barrels from local wineries.  Success came quickly, customers shared his enthusiasm for the product and he soon expanded to create the world’s first Liquor Barrel range, including Bourbon, Scotch and Rum flavors. 


Today, MacLean’s Outdoor can be found in retailers across North America and is expanding its dealership network into international markets, including Europe and Australia. Rob retains his passion for creating new products and flavors, constantly adding new grilling experiences for his customers.