How a passion for grilling ignited into a full range of smoking products to bring exciting flavour to your home BBQ.

Our Story

Maclean’s Outdoor was founded by Rob Maclean in 2012. 

Owner Rob Maclean has always been driven to innovate and is both passionate about barbecue and flavour. So it is no surprise that while living in the heart of Niagara Wine Country, he was inspired to use wine barrel staves for wood on his barbecue; and the results were quite simply amazing. The staves not only burned longer, but also infused a delicious wood flavour into the meat and a nuance of the residual wine flavours. This sparked Rob’s imagination to develop MacLean's Signature Liquor Barrel Smoking Chips to include Bourbon, Rum, Scotch and Whiskey flavours for smoking, baking, braising, and roasting on your barbecue, Pellet, Charcoal or Gas.


Maclean's now offers a full range of products including the Signature Liquor Barrel Chips, and now chunks and pellets, plus Natural Fruitwood Flavours, Classic Hickory and Mesquite. Maclean's also offers favourites like Cedar and Sugar Maple Planks for charcoal and gas grills and new this year, Bourbon Whiskey Oak Planks ideal for red meats. Recently, Rob was inspired to add Charcoal Pellets to the collection and his Competition Blend is always a winner with Pitmasters across the country!


Today, MacLean’s Outdoor can be found in retailers across North America and is always expanding with exports to Europe, Australia and more. Rob retains his passion for creating new products and flavours, constantly adding new grilling flavours for his customers.