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  • Can I use your chips and pellets on a gas barbecue?

    Yes, you can, and they work great. You can use a smoke box, an aluminum tray or a aluminum foil pouch.  Just fill with dry chips or pellets and place on the barbecue grill as shown on our instructional video

  • What are your blended chips and pellets made of?

    The blends are a mix of wood from genuine retired/aged liquor barrels and natural North American hardwood – equal quantities of each. The blends are carefully chosen and tested to give a unique flavor to the meat or fish.

  • Can you add your chips to liquor (such as rum) to age it or add flavor?

    MacLean’s Liquor Barrel Chips and Pellets are designed for BBQ and Smoker use only and we strongly recommend you do not use them for any other purpose.

  • How long should I soak chips before using them on a smoker?

    If you are adding them to the coals on a charcoal BBQ or smoker, you should soak for between 20 – 30 minutes to prolong the smoke.  This is not necessary if you are using them on a gas barbecue (as per our instructional video). However, if you choose to put our Smoking chips directly over the Burner (instead of on the grate), we would recommend a 20-minute soak.

  • How do you get flavored smoke from liquor barrels?

    All our Liquor Barrel flavored chips are sourced from distilleries (or wineries) who retire their barrels at the end of their lifespan.  The barrel wood becomes infused with the liquor during the ageing process, hence the flavor is released as they burn.   We are therefore reusing wood that would normally be scrapped. 

  • How long does a bag of MacLean’s Chips last?

    This depends on your recipe and how long you smoke your meal, so there is no set rule. On average a bag of chips should get approx. 4 - 5 hours of burn on the BBQ or smoker.

  • How long does a bag of MacLean’s Pellets last?

    You should burn 1 to 3 pounds of natural wood pellets per hour, so you will get approx. 3-5 hours per 5 lb. bag.  However, you only need to add a handful of our Liquor flavored pellets to your regular pellets so you may expect 10+ hours from the 5lb bag.

  • Where does the wood for your Liquor Barrels come from?

    All Barrels are Made of American Oak starting with the Bourbon Barrels from Kentucky, Rum barrels are all reused Bourbon Barrels from the Caribbean, Scotch are reused Bourbon Barrels from Scotland (of course).

  • Are any chemicals added to the chips or pellets?

    No, none at all.  You can use our chips and pellets safely on any outside barbecue or smoker. Obviously, you should not use indoors.

  • Where Can I Purchase Maclean's Products?

    Wal-Mart Canada 

    Home Depot Canada

    Home Hardware Canada

    United Hardware USA

    Menards USA


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