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With MacLean’s Outdoor Smoking Chips and Pellets, you can easily use your smoker, charcoal or gas grill to enjoy these wonderful flavors on your home barbecue. Our Smoking Chips, Pellets and Grilling Planks are sourced from natural North American hardwood and reclaimed aged liquor barrels. They are simple to use and packaged in convenient 175 cu-in chip and 5lb pellet bags – all you need is a BBQ, Smoke Box or foil pouch and you’re ready to go. Amaze your family and friends – you’ll only have to try them once to Experience the Difference.

Liquor Flavored Smoking Chips

MacLean's Outdoor Liquor Barrel Smoking Chips are sourced only from genuine aged liquor barrels and are currently available in three distinctive flavors: SCOTCH, BOURBON, and RUM. BOURBON barrels are sourced from Kentucky, RUM barrels come direct from the Caribbean, and SCOTCH comes from (where else) but the famed distilleries in Scotland.

They add their great taste and aroma to your food without the need for calorie-rich sauces. Just choose the booze and Experience the Difference with Maclean's Liquor flavored chips - simply soak, smoke and enjoy.  

Wood Flavored Smoking Chips

APPLE is SWEET and FRUITY and best suited for Fish, Pork and Poultry.  

HICKORY offers a RICH, SWEET flavor and is famous for imparting great taste to Beef, Ribs and Chops.  

MESQUITE offers a BIG, BOLD flavor and is an ideal complement for Poultry, Fish and Vegetables. 

All will add a new dimension to your grilling that will delight your family and guests. Experience the Difference with Maclean's natural wood flavor chips - just soak, smoke and enjoy.

Blended Flavored Smoking Chips

MacLean's Blended chips combine one of our popular reclaimed aged Wine and Liquor Barrel smoking chips in a 50/50 mix with the complementary flavor of a natural North American hardwood. These unique blends are currently available in three flavors MAPLE/BOURBON, APPLE/RUM and CHERRY WINE. Experience the Difference with Maclean's blended chips - just soak, smoke and enjoy. 

BBQ Smoking Pellets

This year, we have added RUM pellets, sourced directly from the Caribbean.  These join our existing line of North American sourced APPLE and HICKORY natural woods and our exclusive BOURBON pellets, sourced from genuine reclaimed aged Bourbon liquor barrels from Kentucky. For a unique flavor, why not try our COMPETITION BLEND, an exciting mix of Maple, Hickory and Cherry hardwood, specially blended for a unique smoke. MacLean’s Outdoor Pellets are sold in ultra-convenient 5 lb bags - an exclusive to MacLean’s. They’re easy to carry home, economical to buy and convenient to use. Experience the Difference with Maclean's Outdoor pellets - just soak, smoke and enjoy. 

Maple Grilling Planks

Our new genuine Maple Grilling Planks add great flavor to fish and other meats.

Cedar Grilling Planks

Our genuine Cedar Grilling Planks add great flavour to fish and other meats.



The winning recipe from the 2021 Memphis in May World Barbecue Championships. Beef Tenderloin complete with sides of asparagus, mushrooms, bacon bits and Bernaise sauce.  



Mmm Smells Good

Good all purpose chips. I always put chips in my bbq. Smells really good. especially in the winter time. The smell keeps you feeling cozy outside when your bbqing for the family in -25 weather.

LuckyLucy - 06/10/2019


Our competition partner Mississippi Meat Mafia has won numerous awards over the past 2 years for their grilling expertise, all using MacLean’s Outdoor smoking products. These include ------>

1st Place - Steak Cook Off Association (7 times)
1st Place - Memphis in May World Championship - Beef Category
2nd Place - Memphis Shriners - Rib Category
2nd Place - Southaven Springfest - Pork Category
3rd Place - Memphis in May World Championship - Seafood Category